Why a Nutrition Communication Strategy Matters

When it comes to communicating about nutrition, strategy matters more than ever before. With so many ways to obtain information, consumers are overloaded with often contradictory data about health and nutrition. Because consumers today can access media in so many places — on their computers, smartphones and even smart watches — getting through to your audience can seem impossible for a food marketer. Competing with funny memes, viral YouTube videos and word-of-mouth advice can be difficult; however, it’s not impossible. With global consumer health and nutrition information like the insights found in Eat Well Global’s report, The Consumer Voice: Global Insights on Food, Nutrition, Trust and Influence, you can use consumer behavior and perception to inform your communication strategy. This global report is filled with current insights to help your organization adopt a nutrition communication strategy that:

Communication Strategy Insights from Our Consumer Behavior Report

Although we know there’s really no such thing as a generic “global consumer,” our industry report that surveyed 8,000 consumers in 13 countries provides valuable insights into who and what influences consumers when it comes to health and nutrition — and how that can impact your food business marketing strategy. The new report is extensive and offers valuable insights. To help food and beverage businesses with their marketing strategies, we’ve identified four of the major takeaways. The survey revealed that consumers:


2021 Trends in Nutrition Marketing You Should Know

The world was turned upside down in 2020, and many aspects of people’s lives changed, including what they ate, how they ate it, and where they turned for nutrition advice. We all saw the evidence in Facebook memes about Little Debbie Snack Cakes and TikTok users making four-star meals in hotel room coffee machines. Things changed—fast. Those seismic shifts have carried over into the new year and will color nutrition marketing trends for 2021 in a range of ways. Marketing directors in the food industry should aim to take advantage of these top five nutrition marketing trends this year to keep pace with the changes.

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