Attention Food Industry: The Perfect Storm Has Arrived

Over two decadesworkingwithin the food and beverage industry to drive nutrition forward, I have seen a lot.Trends have come and gone, policies have shifted back and forth, and front-of-pack labeling systems have endlessly evolved. But never have so many interconnectedheadwinds and tailwinds all pointed toward the same conclusion:a healthy and sustainable portfolio isn’t just a nicety – it’s an absolute necessity.

Nourishing our Impact: Our Inaugural Impact Report is Out

At Eat Well Global, impact is defined through our mission to empower global change agents in food and nutrition, as well as our vision: good nutrition is good business. As we interact with people, organizations and communities through our business, we understand that impact should be woven throughout all of our interactions. The policies and procedures we establish not only affect us, but also our stakeholders. That’s why we’re proud to announce that our 2020 annual report has been officially published. This report serves to inform you - our stakeholders - on our past initiatives and future commitments. In 2020, we amplified our impact through 6 main pillars:


INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 Insights from Our Consumer Voice Report

The Consumer Voice: Global Insights on Food, Nutrition, Trust and Influence In an effort to better understand consumers worldwide, Eat Well Global embarked on a research journey to answer questions like “what sources do consumers find the most credible?” and “what does sustainable eating mean to them?” We surveyed 8,000 consumers across 13 countries to glean insights around food, nutrition, trust and influence. In our inaugural report, The Consumer Voice, we explore who consumers trust the most, nutrition trends, and what consumers care about most.

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