As a nutrition-focused company staffed by credentialed health professionals, the role of healthful eating patterns for overall wellbeing is undisputed at Eat Well Global. What we eat at home, at work or on the go impacts our physical, emotional, and mental health – yet we sometimes catch ourselves deprioritizing food over other tasks, especially on busy workdays.

This is why we are proud to announce that we recently launched a new benefit to provide our core team members with convenient and nutritious options for their everyday meals and snacks: fresh food delivery at home! With our team spanning across the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Netherlands, we partnered up with local vendors to ensure the supply of local and seasonal produce and other fresh foods all year long. 

However, this policy is not just a benefit - it is our formal commitment to Nutrition for Growth, a global multi-stakeholder summit that aimed to accelerate progress on malnutrition worldwide. Eat Well Global acted as a technical partner for the Workforce Nutrition Alliance, which drove commitment-making around four areas of workforce nutrition at the summit: nutrition education, healthy food at work, nutrition-focused health checks, and breastfeeding support.

Using the Nutrition Accountability Framework (NAF), the world’s first independent and comprehensive platform for registering SMART nutrition commitments and monitoring nutrition action, we shaped and submitted our commitment to Nutrition for Growth, which addresses workforce nutrition needs through a pragmatic solution for our remote business model.

In reality, workforce nutrition is paramount to achieving food system transformation and is also recognized as an important indicator for private sector accountability, as emphasized in the 2021 Food & Agriculture Benchmark Insights Report published in March 2022 by the World Benchmarking Alliance. The report indicates that only one in four of the 350 most influential companies across the global food value chain have a workforce nutrition program, revealing an opportunity for more companies to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce by reaching people where they spend one-third of their adult lives.

 On a practical level, the solution to tackling malnutrition at the workplace, much like our own policy, is not one size fits all, but rather depends on the business - its strategy, goals, and resources.

Are you curious about what Eat Well Global can do to help your organization meet your nutrition goals and deliver meaningful impact across your operations, through workforce nutrition, and beyond?

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